Jackson Mayor Mike Reina Expresses “Deep Dismay” Over Massive Cut in State School Aid

Jackson Mayor Mike Reina released the following statement responding to Gov. Phil Murphy’s proposed school budget plan, which would cut 18.2% of the district’s funding for the next school year.

“Mayor Michael Reina would like to express his deep dismay over the recent budget cuts made by Governor Murphy which will result in a loss of 6.2 million dollars from the Jackson School Districts budget.

“The Mayor was informed yesterday about the draconian budget cut, which came as a shock to him and the entire Jackson community. This is the latest cut to the Jackson School district which has already lost close to 20 million dollars in state aid under the Murphy administration.

“Mayor Reina stated “It is time for the governor to stop using our most precious commodity, our children, as political pawns. The children in Republican led towns are being targeted simply because of political affiliations. Mr. Murphy, it is time to leave your political vendettas aside and govern on behalf of all the great New Jersey residents.

“‘Our children are our future, and we cannot let politics get in the way of their opportunities. Unfortunately, the New Jersey Education Association is enthusiastically supporting this budget. I call on the Jackson Education Association to publicly advocate on behalf of our students.”

“Mayor Reina would like to assure the community that he will work tirelessly with the School District and our State Representatives to ensure the Jackson children receive a top-notch education despite the funding challenges.

“‘Every child deserves a quality education and I urge the State to recognize that Jackson children are no different,” the Mayor concluded.

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