Jackson Education Officials Incensed Over Teachers Union Celebration As District Flounders

As the Jackson School District flounders amid a worsening financial maelstrom, one group of individuals are very happy – the teachers union.

The Jackson Education Association, led by Brick Mayor Lisa Crate, posted to Facebook: Why do we look so happy? We have a deal!! Looking forward to presenting our General Membership meeting in June. Woohoo!”

The post, rather innocuous to an outsider, has deepened divisions and rivalries in Jackson, with officials incensed at the union over their celebrations as students in the district are faced with steep cuts due to decreased state funding.

“The picture [on their post] says it all,” an official told Lakewood Alerts, requesting anonymity to avoid blowback.

“The teachers union is celebrating. They’re not from here, their chief is a Brick resident, and they’re not impacted by these cuts. They have a deal, that’s all they care about,” he said.

“You want to find a scapegoat for our financial troubles? Our decreasing student enrollment is obviously number one, but close behind them is the teachers union,” the official said.

“The picture you see is the modern day equivalent of playing the fiddle while Rome burns,” he concluded.

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  1. Why can’t they be happy with their success?

    It’s not like they have urged the State to do their massive cuts. These teachers have no control over how much the State gives to the Township.

    On the bright side, new contract negotiations means that the teachers can pay their bills.

    Which in turn means happy teachers.

    And that individuals will be more willing to become teachers for Jackson kids.


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