Jackson Council Set To Ban On-Street Parking Near Busy County Road Intersections

The Jackson Township Council will introduce an ordinance that will ban parking on public roads near busy county highway intersections. The ordinance will restrict parking within 100 feet of any county highway. Under the ordinance, vehicles will be barred from parking on township roads within 50 feet of such intersections. Parking will be by permit only for residents living between 51 and 100 feet from the county roads.

Those permits will be at no cost to the residents.

Jackson Township Mayor Michael Reina said the ordinance is a public safety issue that needed to be addressed and thanked Council President Jennifer Kuhn and Councilman Mordechai Burnstein for their efforts to coordinate with county officials and the Jackson Police Department.

“This has been a problem for some time in many areas of Jackson that created an unsafe condition for motorists and pedestrians alike,” said Burnstein. “I want to thank the Jackson Police Department and Commissioners Sadeghi and Quinn for working with the township to help us create this new ordinance.”

Council President Jennifer Kuhn who spent hours crafting this ordinance placed the item for vote on Tuesday night’s council meeting agenda. President Kuhn spent dozens of hours working with the Jackson Chief Kunz, Jackson Police Traffic Safety Bureau, D.P.W., Jackson Engineer T. & M. and Business Administrator Wall in getting this ordinance ready for tonight.

“I’m excited that we were able to make this happen and to get the proper approvals from the county and police department to move forward,” Kuhn said. “We are addressing a long-term problem that residents have been asking of the township for many years.”

The ordinance will prevent parking in areas where large vehicles such as school buses and fire trucks have had difficulty navigating due to vehicles parked on both sides of narrow connecting streets.

Additionally, on Tuesday, the township council will fix a previous ban on residential construction containers. That ordinance was enacted by the prior township council and was met with protest by residents. Now, when residents performing home renovations may place a container on their property, they will only be required to notify the township. There will be no requirements for permits. Residents, who would like to place a container on the roadway, would be required to receive a permit and pay a fee.

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