Jackson BOE Considers Cutting All Courtesy Busing to Save Failing School District

The Jackson BOE has announced as part of their preliminary budget that courtesy busing for public school children is on the chopping block, the Jackson Pulse reports.

Currently, courtesy busing is only offered to public school children and not private school children.

By cutting public school non-mandated transportation, an estimated 25 school buses may be available to transport mandated private school students to and from school. 25 school buses have the capacity to transport 1,350 children.

The budget will be finalized by the April BOE meeting.

As previously reported on Lakewood Alerts, the Jackson School District is getting its state funding dramatically cut by a whopping 18.4%, sending officials scrambling to find cost-cutting measures that could save the district from bankruptcy.

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  1. Who is considered a mandated private school student? Children with IEPs that require out of district educational programs? Are children attending religious schools considered mandated or non-mandated private school students?

  2. Jackson should be cutting all private school busses as well as refusing to pay for the state mandated bussing stipend. It should be the states who should be paying since the NJ Constitution states a staye mandated program should be funded by the state. Stop robbing from the students and Families who CHOOSE to use the the public school system. If you choose to go to private school for whatever reason you should be responsible for all costs.

  3. I live in 60 Acres in Jackson…At the board meeting for the Home Owners Association I heard talk of the powers to be trying at all cost to keep the Jewish community out of this neighborhood….I would love to see one of those big wig lawyers go after jackson or the hoa at 60 acres for not selling to the Jewish community..

  4. Why should regular tax payers ,who have kids in regular schools. Have to pay taxes on and for private schools and bus those kids.. private schools use private busing. Uts real simple.. they should being pay regular taxes anway.like every american does

  5. You should be ashamed of this headline… the Jackson School district is NOT a “failing” district… whats causing the problem is a vindictive governor who is cutting funding to conservative districts and the influx of private school pupils… a district cannot sustain a million single gender bus routes…


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