Jackson Approves Ordinance Prohibiting Parking Near Intersections

The Jackson Township Council voted to approve a traffic safety ordinance on a first reading on Tuesday. The ordinance (10-24) will further enhance pedestrian and vehicle safety at intersections.

Under this ordinance, all stopping and standing within 50 feet of an intersection will be restricted. School buses will be allowed to stop and pick up and drop off students at these corners. The ordinance was a cooperative effort between the Jackson Township Police Department’s Traffic Safety Bureau and the Township of Jackson. This ordinance was shown to the Jackson Board of Education for their comment and approval.

While at the last Council meeting, a similar ordinance was introduced, it was amended to include standing in the ban and will go back for a first reading.

A growing problem of multiple vehicles parked each day along those intersections have blocked traffic, prohibited school buses and large trucks from proper turning room and restricted access to fire trucks and ambulances. The police department, along with the township have recognized the need of a 50 feet buffer zone to keep those streets clear of standing traffic during peak hours for the public’s safety.

Councilman Mordechai Burnstein noted that in certain parts of the township, the issue has become a problem on narrow side streets that were not originally intended to have bumper-to-bumper parking on each side of the road.

“Sometimes, there is barely enough room to allow a vehicle to pass and this creates not only a traffic and safety issue, but a quality-of-life issue for nearby residents,” Burnstein said “This ordinance in the best interest of the residents of those neighborhoods, particularly in the mornings when there are young children crossing back and forth going from parked cars to bus stops.” Additionally, buses were forced to stop in the middle of roadways due to a lack of space on the side which was dangerous. Now they can pull over safely, he added.

School buses will be allowed to stop and pick up and drop off students at these corners.

The township, in coordination with the police department, have been monitoring the situation for the past several months and decided it was time to act proactively to a potentially dangerous situation.

Council President Jennifer Kuhn said. “I, along with the Traffic Safety Bureau, have been working on this Ordinance since last September when residents reached out regarding safety concerns at the bus stops. An officer of Jackson Police Traffic Safety Bureau and I were on scene to witness the issues and started working on this ordinance immediately. Everyone involved agrees this is a necessary step we must take to keep our school children safe, to keep the roads clear for traffic, and to avoid major issues in the future. I also reached out to the County Commissioner Sadeghi and Board Of Education and received their blessing”.

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