How Bad is the Chicken Shortage in Lakewood? [SEE THE VIDEO]

Restaurants generally have a pretty simple system for getting the meat and chicken they need: they place an order with distributors and get them delivered directly to the store.

That wasn’t the case on Thursday night, when a very popular local eatery was spotted buying massive amounts of chicken from Gourmet Glatt.

A Lakewood Alerts reader sent in video of carts filled with chicken being checked out by a store employee, raising questions over whether a recent chicken shortage was impacting its operations.

Just a short time ago, Mike’s Chicken Crunchers, another popular eatery, was forced to close for several days due to a chicken shortage. The store is since back up and running.

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  1. No this chicken shortage is bologna and it’s all a game money is objectless by frum yidden. We just need more riccis and Guccis and Tesla’s

    • @Bologna actually this shortage has been in the making for months and it’s a combination of several issues
      1) there is a national chicken shortage because (a) there is currently a is flu outbreak in the Midwest leading to a need to cull large numbers of chickens (b) the farms that breed the chickens couldn’t sell them for a couple of months during covid and they didn’t know how long it would last so they killed off a large percentage of their breeding hens because chickens are expensive to raise and it takes time to rebuild the amount of chickens available)
      2) the shlacht houses have a massive labor shortage (some of them are currently shechting in a week what they where shechting in day 2 years ago)
      3) this shortage has been in the making for months because alot of what they where selling was old stock that was frozen, but that stock is basically depleted by now

    • You happen to be a very very very horrible person. I really really really feel bad for you. You probably need psychiatric counseling and I suggest you get that right away .

      It happens to be that a potential shortage is possible. Empire had a major amount of treifa chickens a few weeks ago because of tzomos hagidin. There’s also the issue of bird flu that is going around where entire flocks of birds need to be killed off. This also affects the egg market because the chickens are also used to produce eggs.

      So what are you going to say when target, or ShopRite, Stop & Shop etc or any of the non-Jewish stores raise their price on eggs in a few weeks. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen because it was only about 3 years ago or so that over pesach you were paying $4 a dozen and it was rationed !

      So if you want to be angry at the world that’s okay, just have a reason to do it. Until then please see a doctor.

  2. How can you put this up did you even do research I feel like this is YWN all over again just hating on hidden for nothing

    • Why is everything “hating on yidden”? Your just another bitter, disgruntled unhappy loser. This is a legitimate story that any respectable news agency should be addressing. Thank you Lakewood Alerts.

  3. @Shikur and Professional : please calm down and seek the help you need. Its not a normal way to talk to people.
    And yes it’s pretty obvious that this site is YWN.


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