HISTORIC: BMG to Hold Massive “Warriors of Torah” Stadium Event

Beth Medrash Govoha will be holding a monumental event on June 12th highlighting the nearly year-old historic partnership between the yeshiva, its yungerleit, and baalebatim from the community and across the US.

The partnership is the brainchild of philanthropist Lazer (Louis) Scheiner, who has spent the better part of this last year not only donating massive sums of his own money to the initiative, but also expending tremendous efforts to bringing in other baalebatim to join the cause.

The “Warriors in Torah” event will be held in the Cure Insurance Arena in Trenton, which can hold approximately 10,000 people, and will be attended by the Lakewood roshei yeshiva as well as numerous other rabbanim and gedolim from across America.

Under the partnership, millions of dollars have been raised to triple the kollel checks of BMG yungerleit, which comes at a cost of $57,000,000 a year.

The initiative, which has now been joined by dozens of baalebatim under the direction of Mr. Scheiner, has been providing each yungerman with $13,500 annually, up from $4,200 a year – an over $8,000 annual increase.

BMG is the largest yeshiva in the United States with nearly 7,500 bochurim and yungerleit, and the second largest yeshiva in the world, second only to Mir Yerushalayim.

BMG is expected to soon release further info about the upcoming event.

The arena is located at 81 Hamilton Avenue, Trenton, NJ 08611.

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