Hispanic Workers Protest Against Lakewood’s Jews Over “Livable Wages” [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]

Several dozen Hispanic residents of Lakewood protested in Red Square (downtown) on Wednesday, demanding better salaries and “livable wages” that would allow them to live middle-class lifestyles.

The disgruntled workers held up placards with various messages, including one in Hebrew that read “אנם עבדם עובדי הבית – we are not your slaves” with the Hebrew part presumably meant to mean “We work in your homes.”

The fact that there was a placard in Hebrew suggests that the protest was directed specifically at Lakewood’s Jewish residents, many of whom employ Hispanic women to clean their homes at an estimated average salary of $20-22 an hour.

Lakewood residents say the protest itself is ridiculous as they can barely pay cleaning women salaries to begin with. They note that many Jewish residents of Lakewood receive a lower salary than the cleaning women.

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  1. Let them become citizens, pay taxes on what they make and then let’s see what they have to say. This newfound entitlement has people delusional!

    • Actually many of them wish they can be citizens. They grew up here, went to the local schools and lived here all their life.

  2. Seems pretty silly. If they think they can do better by all means let them. They get paid straight cash, and in most cases get a meal as well. No one is frocing them to do anything.

  3. Sure, when my lady will be paid on the books I’ll pay workers comp and give her a W2 for her taxes. Until then she can shut up or leave.


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