Heavy Traffic In Lakewood As Roadwork Shuts Lanes Again During Rush Hours

For the second time in 4 days, road crews have blocked off a lane on Cedarbridge Avenue in Lakewood, snarling traffic and frustrating hundreds of drivers on their morning and afternoon commutes.

According to sources who have spoken to Lakewood Alerts, the only individual who can approve such closures due to roadwork is police official Alex Guzman. Some residents have long complained of Guzman’s approval of various roadwork projects that essentially shut Lakewood down – including during rush hours.

Guzman is separately being sued, alongside the police department and Lakewood Township, after he blew a red light and struck another vehicle at the intersection of Route 70 and New Hampshire, causing serious injuries to the driver.

Guzman claimed he was responding to a police department emergency at the time, though no evidence has been provided to back up his claims.

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    • They think the construction work is causing the traffic wait until the projects are done. The collapse of Lakewood is inevitable at this point. They will have beautiful retail centers and commercial buildings but the infrastructure will collapse so it’s pointless


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