Heartening Update On Condition Of Seriously Injured Yungerman: Major Improvements But Still Critical

The family of Refoel ben Rivka Chana released the following message to the public on Wednesday:

Regarding surgery – the surgery went the best case scenario, they were able to close him up completely and were happy how the liver is recovering.

Regarding the gallbladder they did not need to remove it, however it is still giving off a little bit of bile, they will continue to monitor and they believe it will recover on it own but if they need to remove it they can do it via the mouth and won’t need to cut him open.

They found a little blood in his back but it’s not an active bleed and they aren’t worried about but will continue to monitor it.

He currently has 3 drains to drain the blood and bile and so they can monitor the inside over the next week.

They have slowed the sedation, and plan to wake him up over the course of the next day. Today he was in and out of consciousness, but was fully coherent during the moments that he was awake. They are hoping over the next 24 to 48 hours to take off the ventilator, which is the normal process to takes that period of time.

Last night he was on suppressors to stabilize his heart rate as he was not able to do it on his own. However, today they have stopped giving suppressors, and he is a fully normal heart rate on his own.

He has an infection that they detected last night. They started heavy antibiotics, and it is slowly going away, which they are very happy about.

Everyone should please remember that until he is excavated meanings ventilator is taken off He is still in critical condition and please continue to daven.

Message from my father – “thank you all for your heartfelt teffilos, we are inspired and humbled by the amount of of tefillos and the amount of people davening. Please continue davening and there should be yeshuos by all of klal Yisroel”

Shortly afterwards, a second update was provided:

Huge huge update!!!

The doctor just called back – they were able to take folly completely off the ventilator and he is stablely breathing on his own. This is huge!

This is a miracle in the making. Pls continue to daven that it goes smooth.

Please continue to daven for Refoel ben Rivka Chana and Devorah Adina bas Avigayil. 

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