HEAR IT: The Moment That Sank The Eisemann Prosecutors’ Appeal

Last Friday, the first day of Shavuos, an appeals court unanimously denied prosecutors’ attempt to overturn Judge Joseph Paone’s ruling for a new trial based on exculpatory evidence discovered by the defense after the trial – but known to prosecutors all along.

The appeals court hearing in the case was held last month, during which the judges, prosecution, and defense discussed various points of contention. But the judges specifically expressed deep skepticism over prosecutors’ claims that they didn’t have to turn over the evidence to the defense team, which they ultimately determined was a violation of the Brady Rule.

Hear the exchange between the judges and prosecutor Lauren Bonfiglio below.


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  1. That prosecutor lady is so obviously desperately lying through her teeth. Mouseclicks, ha!
    Her last words in this clip, that the prosecution was not relying on than one paper and therefore did not give it over in discovery – of course the prosecution wasn’t relying on it, it exonerates the Rabbi!


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