HEADS UP: Hurricane Remnants Could Lash New Jersey Later This Week

You might be enjoying the balmy weather today, but the weather late this week could potentially turn treacherous as the dying gasps of a hurricane barrels into New Jersey.

It should first be noted that we are forecast to get drenched on Monday night and Tuesday. That will have nothing to with a hurricane. That’ll just be, well, rain.

However, there’s a storm out in the Atlantic, currently about 1,500 miles from us, named Tropical Storm Idalia. It seems innocent enough for now, but it’s expected to soon enter the Gulf of Mexico and turn into a hurricane before making a furious landfall on Florida’s west coast.

The question is what happens after that. One model suggests that it will tear across the Sunshine State, head into North Carolina, and then makes its way into oblivion in the Atlantic Ocean. But a second model says that it could coast its way up the eastern coast and smack head-on into New Jersey.

If that happens, we’ll likely be in for quite a storm. To be sure, Idalia would not be a hurricane by then, as it would be weakened as it crosses over land. However, it could still pack heavy winds and drop massive quantities of rain.

It’s still early, but you may want to dust off your rain boots, just in case.

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