Head Of Mosad and Lakewood Parents Begin Driving Buses to Make Up for Driver Shortage

Lakewood schools, and particularly private ones, have been suffering from a bus driver shortage for months on end, and no relief is in sight.

Busing companies have been struggling to find suitable drivers ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, and bus-involved traffic accidents in Lakewood have risen dramatically due to companies being forced to put substandard drivers behind the wheel of a bus.

Now, Lakewood parents are stepping up to the plate and driving school buses to ensure that their children – and others’ children as well – can get to and from school.

One school, Nachlas Bais Yaakov, has recruited parents to take over bus routes due to the shortage, and parents have responded affirmatively. A number of parents, as well as the rosh mosad Rabbi Robinson, spent months learning how to drive a bus and obtaining the required CDL license, putting aside their own tight schedules to help the school and its students.

On Monday, the parents began driving assigned bus routes using buses provided by Presidential Bus Company. Thus far, selfless parents are covering for four routes in an incredible show of devotion to their children and the schools they attend.

Parent in Nachlas Bais Yaakov, Yitzy Carmen, who was “Menadev” his time for the initiative
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    • There are accidents because there are too many jobs on too little drivers.
      Hopefully this will decrease the stress of the drivers and consequently decrease the motor vehicle accidents.

      Another Mayla of this is that now the drivers are people that we know are driving because they CARE. not only because they need a job.
      (Although some of the drivers I know of now also care but it’s on a guarantee for all drivers. )

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