Hatzulas Nefashos Launches Prank Calling Service To Keep Children Occupied On Long Summer Days

The prank calls to Hatzulas Nefashos – as previously written about by Lakewood Alerts and the organization’s most ardent supporter, FAA – are continuing unabated. For some reason (nothing better to do?) the organization has been releasing audio of many of these calls, apparently thinking they are doing themselves a favor by doing so.

While prank calling an emergency response organization is never encouraged, the Hatzulas Nefashos volunteers thankfully have lots of time on their hands. So, as people who have lots of time on their hands do, their dispatchers have begun pranking the prank callers by connecting them to each other (imagine having so many prank callers that you have multiple kids to connect to each other…)

This move by Hatzulas Nefashos marks an extremely positive development. Now, instead of forwarding prank calls to Hatzolah of Central Jersey, which has its hands full with real emergency calls, the organization is keeping the calls in-house, where dispatchers can keep themselves occupied by dealing with them.

In addition, children who have too much time on their hands can now be kept occupied by adults who make prank calls to them – an objectively fantastic outlet for youngsters on long and hot summer days.

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  1. Wow, hating other jews so much that you glorify the disgusting actions of these kids. I thought this was a legitimate news organization. Grow up.

      • It’s a good thing you’re hating on another Jew because the world loves us so much.
        Imagine being objective for a second and seeing how we talk to each other.
        If you have nothing nice to say – shut up!

  2. How about on a Monday afternoon after adire hatorah event is over a news site has nothing more to post other than trashing a legit organization,

  3. This is Ezras Nashim version 2. If someone trusts this organization with their health and calls them over Hatzalah, or 911, or anyone else, leave them alone. Hatzalah should keep their noses in their own business and worry about taking care of those who call them. If they are worried people may call the wrong organization, then they should work on their own PR and make sure people know their number and leave knocking everyone else to the real kids.

  4. its sad to see how people can fall to such a low point.
    How can you promote Torah and celebrate like we did last night and then post such things?
    How can you claim to be “Ehrliche Yidden” and ALSO put out letters, comments and videos like the ones that have been going around??
    How can you consider yourselves “mature and smart” as opposed to those you keep putting down, and write hate letters and flat-out garbage and lashon hora??
    Do you think you’re doing the world a favor by spreading this stuff? You think you’re saving lives by “educating the klal”?
    pause for a second and realize that you’re doing more harm than good!! You’re looking like fools while giving so much attention to them! If you so badly want them to fail, stop putting them in the spotlight so much!
    And if you really consider yourselves ehreliche bnei torah, who were so proud of themselves just yesterday, stop lowering yourselves! Stop posting and publicizing things you haven’t researched enough and heard through street hock.
    Things aren’t always as they seem, so do your research before spreading lies.
    Because I did and I found many many of the things going around are half stories or made up completely.
    Don’t get pulled into this trap of hate!

  5. I was looking for a clean and mature heimish news site
    for a minute I thought I found one, but now I see you are full of garbage too
    such a shame

    • You aren’t “frum” and you most definitely aren’t a “mom”. It’s possible you identify like one.


      • Come on!! Do you have to put down everyone and everything you cross paths with??? People like you are the ones causing all this trouble….

  6. If this dumb new ambulance service thinks they are a real service, they why try to copy hatzalas name and call yourself hatzalas nefoshos ? stop trying to mix up these old Granny’s (or anyone else) that might need real help. Hatzalas nefoshos is no better then Indian scammers that try to scam old people to get money out of them. In fact they are much worse they are playing with these old people’s lives . Change your name to Lakewood ambulance service and I would have no problem with it.
    Now reguarding the prank calls I don’t think this is the way to deal with it. However I will leave off with my main point that they should change their name to a name that sounds nothing like hatzala .

    • Cause Chas vshalom 2 groups of people want to jump out of bed in middle of the night to help people.
      Let’s just realize we have no bone in this fight.
      What a waste of time.
      Korach vedusoi

  7. Sad sad sad!!!! why isn’t there articles about kids not getting in to schools in thus town, why isn’t there a letter by a 100 so called rabbis about solving Lakewoods real issues, why isn’t anyone talking about how many teens pass away from overdoses in this town, shameful to keep messing with an organization that people want

  8. you all seem to care so much about shalom, and that everyone should be in peace with each other and mind their own businesses. if this is the case than you should all stop posting your comments, since they are 100 percent Loshon Hara!!!!!!! YOU have to take the first and stop the comments – practice what you preach
    P.S. posting a comment that is loshon hara is like speaking loshon hara. And this indeed is a serious breach in shalom. loshon hara and machlokes go hand in hand

  9. Sadly this childs play will end with an innocent patient in terrible shape or worse R”L.
    I am not sure why anyone would back this and have it on their achrayus when something happens.
    Prank calling is NOT the way to go about it, but people pls pls stop backing this, even if you think your trying to be the middle line guy, this is playing with fire!!
    HN is a group of sad indviduals who have a hunger for power and for one reason or another (mostly good reasons) never got onto any legit organization, so here they decided to come right into the center of our town WHERE THERE IS ZERO NEED FOR THEM and are causing tremendous damage and chilul hashem.
    If they are really that serious about the cause, let them go open up in any out-of-town community that could use their services.
    Most people look at them like a joke, but this is no joke! I hope we don’t need to find out the hard way.

  10. I feel like all the hatzalas nefoshos guys get a WhatsApp or maybe even over the radio, an emergency appeal to post replies right after an article against them comes out . Nobody backs this ambulance company in the slightest way in this town. Any positive response is from one of hatzalas nefoshos grumpy member that could not get on hahahah. And to hatzalas nefoshos members: you didn’t fool us with all your replies promoting it as if it’s needed/ loshon hara / any other excuses.

    • Maybe it’s the opposite, the average guy does
      NOT CARE about having another organization,
      Maybe it’s Hatzolah & establishment person writing negative comments, just thinking.

  11. Can someone explain the reason went the picture is upside? It’s disgraceful of this news outlet to even post these articles.

  12. Exposer, I am a heimish mother of a bunch of kids. All I was looking for is a news site that is impartial and avoids loshon hara or yentish hock. I now understand our gedolim who assur even frum news sites

    As for you, it sounds like you hit rock bottom, are reading too much garbage and the talked is seeping into you. (asking me if I “identify”??)
    please get help

  13. All of this could’ve been avoided if Hatzala hadn’t reacted to legitimate requests to take in members from those newer communities or stationed more units there.

    Instead, they reacted by changing their name to “Central Jersey” While only belatedly providing minimal services to those communities, which resulted in serious medical situations.

    Hatzala needs to realize that as one of the most important organizations out there, they have the responsibility to act with yashrus and with as little petty politics as possible, even though their necessity allows them to play in the mud more than anyone else.


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