Hatzolah of Jackson? Absolutely Not, Rabbanim Say

For the past while, a Jackson resident has been working to open a new Hatzolah emergency medical service that would operate specifically in Jackson. Until now, Hatzolah of Central Jersey has been providing emergency responses in medical emergencies to the entire Lakewood region, but one individual saw it as not enough.

His plans, however, hit a brick wall in recent days after Jackson’s rabbanim met Thursday night to discuss the situation. Over the course of the meeting, every rav made it clear that Hatzolah of Central Jersey is to be the sole provider of emergency medical services to Jackson residents, and that only Hatzolah of Central Jersey would be recognized as a legitimate service.

Further moves will be taken in the coming days to solidify Hatzolah of Central Jersey as the frum responding medical services agencies. Details of those moves will be reported on soon.

Sources tell Lakewood Alerts that the individual who is trying to open Hatzolah of Jackson was previously rejected from joining Boro Park Hatzolah and Flatbush Hatzolah and is therefore now attempting to create his own service.

It isn’t clear whether he will continue in his attempts to create a new emergency medical service following the meeting of rabbanim. Regardless, what is clear is that Hatzolah of Central Jersey will continue to be the sole frum recognized provider of emergency medical services in Jackson and beyond.

Hatzolah of Central Jersey currently has 16 members in Jackson covering all the different neighborhoods of Jackson, as well as 2 brand new ambulances and 2 first response vehicles located in Jackson.

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  1. So hatzulah should take their head out of the sand and realize, that. Jackson and tomsriver are 50 and 100 miles in square miles and they need more coverage

  2. Your story is based on lies! 😂 rabbi strolli dayan backs it 100% get better sources and maybe explain why Jackson members want this hatzola to work out! Takes us 25/30 min to get a bus down and central jersey is joke! They don’t even transport

    • know your facts what do you mean by “They don’t even transport” they most certainly do

      “Takes us 25/30 min” where did you get that timeline from????

      and if you knew about anything that has to do with emergency transport the last piece of equipment you need is the “Bus”

  3. Why so much animosity? Hatzoloh is an organization aimed to help other Jews in a time if need. If first responders are not able to provide a fast-enough service to Jackson residents, I commend the individual who single-handed Chose to service the frum community. I’m a cancer survivor and I e benefitted tremendously from Hatzoloh and response-time is everything. Rabbonim don’t need to mix into who should help the community. I wish the Rabbonim would spend more time discussing much greater and pressing matters such as Get-refusal, childhood sexual abuse, mental illness, poverty, etc. I hope all members of our communities can work amicably and collaboratively for the betterment of our families and children.

  4. As an early resident of Jackson, we are indebted to Hatzolah of CJ that has been there doing a great job covering us since we moved in. They have continuously added new members in all remote locations (including the newest added member all the way out in the Rubashkin area). The response times are amazing as well as the fact that the members are all experienced members including some paramedics as well.

  5. I called Hatzalah in Jackson last week They were there in 30 seconds,. No idea why this is even an issue. Just another hater looking to be in charge of somenthing.

  6. You put up an article get your facts right first befor you put it out your making up storys and obviously dont know anything about jackson how bad the response time is 2 new buses? Realy? More lies stop playing politics with peopls lives. #fake news

    • Want facts?

      FACTS 1- You are a degenerate who wasn’t let into any Hatzolah you applied for, and for good reason.

      FACT 2 – You will never be in Hatzolah, and we will all make sure you never get within 100 miles of treating a patient. We have the goods on you.

  7. Facts 1- get your story straight before you start saying a whole lot of nothing
    Facts 2- response time is bad
    Facts 3- stop playing politics over peoples lives just because you don’t know any story’s about serious calls and response time was 25min
    Facts -4 hatzalah is here to help people not play ego and politics

    • Facts 2- response time is bad ; really do you have hard data or just making up times to push your agenda?

      Facts 3- stop playing politics over peoples lives just because you don’t know any story’s about serious calls and response time was 25min;

      again same? as above

      Facts -4 hatzalah is here to help people not play ego and politics; is that a fact??? if the above scenarios were true did you or anybody else reach out to CJ to voice a concern? and what guarantees do you have that the “new” service will be better? for one they do not have any advanced life-saving members!!! so there goes your argument right out the window

  8. Response time 25min? Never happened.
    Even boro park or Flatbush Hatzolah do not send ambulance to every call some calls get ambulance send when members determine it’s needed. No way first members arrived after 25 min but possible ambulance did which is common

  9. This is not kindergarten not here to argue with people who I’m assuming are binay torah and don’t want jackson to open hatzalah for Torah reasons I’m sure it’s not about ego and controll #your commenst won’t change anything

  10. Hatzolah of cj feels very threatened… if you were there to care for our lives you wouldn’t cry over more people wanting to help. Bashing this man like you do…
    May this mysterious incredible strong individual have so much Bracha and Success in helping our community in Jackson, we Jackson members support as much help as we can get. Stop fighting over “power” you think you lost and be there to save lives! Live and let live. Gaiva won’t get you anywhere. Can’t wait to call this new hatzolah that rav Strolli and other chassidishe rabbonim are backing.
    Lakewood alert please post their number for us when it comes out.

  11. As a resident of Jackson I am 100% behind this life saving initiative. R’ Birnhack is a true baal chessed who is simply fulfilling a need that hasn’t been met by “Central Jersey” (Lakewood Mafia) Hatzolah. Anyone who has experienced an emergency in Jackson knows the response time is simply unacceptable. This is a matter of life and death!

    • Losers will stay losers!!! Pay your bills before you try opening new organizations ! Didn’t even Finnish paying his construction bills for his house! But for machlokes he’s all in! Gur, now hatzalah! Who’s next! Go spend some time with your wife and kids


  12. Good for Jackson residents taking matters into their own hands with their daas Torah. Hope they open an Ezras nashim next in Jackson. Everyone should feel safe and goal is to help!

  13. Hatz of Central Jersey wants to model itself after NY. Kleine mentchen filling groise hoisen. NY central’s massive miscalculations and missteps handling other “breakaway” hatzolahs is really what is responsible for this, and other messes. But a healthy dose of blame also goes to anshei shlomeinu and the leadership who can’t fathom that they’d have to answer to litvaks. It’s a disasterous recipe for the population who relies on hatzolah in dire times of need. This isn’t a new problem. Here’s a short list

    North Jersey/Passaic machlokes

    NY’s inexplicable “Bergen County” division

    Linden causing upset in Union County starting a whole new Hatzolah BLOCKS away from Elizabeth

    And then Clark supposedly piggybacking off that

    NY using THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in funds meant for real hatzolah work on suing PBC, then FLOODING money into the Miami area with what’s got to be MILLIONS in equipment with no true need for that spending

    Lakewood with the power move of renaming themselves CENTRAL JERSEY in a clear gaaivah move

    Hatzolah Statewide?? Remember those guys? What are they even doing?

    Essex County battling Newark

    And now Jackson heading out on their own.

    What’s next? Hatzolah of County Line Road?

    The rank and file Hatz members are some of the most amazing people I’ve ever worked with, but the leadership…..they’ve been blinded by power, money, influence, and pride. And the few NJ hatzolahs that WANT to work together for something greater, and marginalized by both NY Central and Central NJ. Silly little mentchen. It’s all fun and games till someone gets hurt by this.

    Well, Good luck everyone, I’ll be calling 911 from now on.

  14. Monsey had the same thing a few years back when the Hatzalah mafia locked members out for Kavod reasons. As soon as that secured the funding for new rigs they caved and accepted members in the Pomona area. As I hear Lakewood Hatzalah is plagued with a similar issue of having an exclusive club sometimes overriding the importance of patient’s sensitivity and response time. Correct me if I am wrong.

  15. A shame that people love to blow things into a political issue. As Jackson has been growing the past few years, the Hatzolah coverage has been phenomenal with members being added continuously to every possible neighborhood, and some neighborhoods even have 2 or 3 experienced members. Fact is that there has practically never been a response issue to any call, more so than the possibility of having a call with a poor response in any frum Hatzolah covered neighborhood in the world.
    Sad to imagine that someone thinks he could show up with zero Hatzolah experience, and offer a better service., He obviously doesn’t have a clue in his mind, what’s involved in properly running a Hatzolah organization, besides for buying a used ambulance and painting Jackson on it. Good Luck to him anyone who would put their lives in his hands in a time of emergency as apposed to relying on a 40 year old very stable and experienced organization.

  16. there is a reason why the rabanim shut it down and i dont think its political. ant there is no reason why Lakewood alerts are letting these personal fights go thru

  17. ALL of the very busy Hatzolahs Nifushos members, are all the people who have been commenting above.
    now it all makes sense!


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