Hatzolah of Central Jersey Unveils New Investment In Innovative High-Tech [PHOTOS]

Hatzolah has recently completed the purchase of an innovative dispatch system that will revolutionize the way calls are processed and dispatched.

The new highly sophisticated H-CAD (Hatzolah Computer-Aided Dispatch) system integrates cutting-edge technology adapted specifically for Hatzolah. The new system will be rolled out on November 5th, IYH.

In an act of altruism and communal responsibility, the new system was made possible with the assistance and advocacy of CHEMED, whose behind-the-scenes efforts and support brought the project to fruition.

The new system offers a host of upgrades and features that can make all the difference when seconds count.

Some of the features include:

Enhanced Address Recognition:

This system incorporates advanced algorithms and data integration, enabling improved address recognition. This ensures that emergency responders are directed to the correct locations promptly, reducing response times and potentially saving lives.

Accurate GPS Capabilities:

The upgraded system leverages state-of-the-art GPS technology to provide accurate positioning and navigation for our volunteers. This feature enables responders to quickly locate and reach incidents, even in challenging environments, facilitating rapid and efficient emergency medical care.

Emergency callers that don’t know the address or road location they are calling from will be able to receive a text message link to the caller, and by clicking it, the system identifies the callers’ location through live tracking.

In addition, the H-CAD features a map indicating – in real-time – the location of all ambulances and emergency vehicles allowing for a more efficient dispatch process.

Streamlined Communication:

Our new Dispatch System incorporates advanced communication capabilities, fostering seamless interaction between our members and dispatchers. This enhanced communication infrastructure facilitates real-time updates, ensures reliable information exchange, and enables quick decision-making during emergencies.

CHEMED’s longstanding partnership with Hatzolah is an outgrowth of the two organizations’ regular interaction and is in consonance with CHEMED’s core mission. “Our singular purpose is to improve the health and well-being of Lakewood and its surrounding communities: identifying the need and doing whatever it takes to address it,” says Menachem Berkowitz, the COO of Chemed “Helping Hatzolah improve accuracy and accelerate their already quick response times was a no-brainer.”

Hatzolah will be rolling out more high-tech systems that will be integrated into the new HCAD system over the next few months, further enhancing the quality of the response and patient care.

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