Hatzolah Of Central Jersey Inaugurates New Ambulance To Service Toms River Neighborhoods

Hatzolah of Central Jersey on Sunday unveiled a new ambulance to serve the Toms River communities. The purchase of this brand new state of the art ambulance was made possible through the boundless generosity of Mr. & Mrs. Chuny Hertzka, a well-known philanthropic couple. The new ambulance was inaugurated at a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the home of the Hertzka family on Sunday. The event was attended by Rabonim, Hertzka family and friends, as well as HCJ leadership and members of the community.

The administration and membership of HCJ join to wish the Hertzka family many years of health, happiness, and continued success in all of their endeavors.

This new ambulance will join the current fleet of 17 ambulances and a total of 35 vehicles servicing Lakewood, Toms River, Manchester, Howell, Brick, and Jackson. In addition, HCJ will be accepting the delivery of four additional brand new ambulances in the coming months. Some of the new ambulances will be replacing aging ambulances within the fleet, and others will be used at new posts as communities continue to expand.

The growth in our communities בלי עין הרע כן ירבו is closely monitored by HCJ leadership to make sure that all the residents of our communities have access to world class emergency medical service response as quickly as possible. HCJ continues to ensure that the response is not only quick but, more importantly, high quality.

This focus on quality care requires rigorous vetting of potential new members, continuing education of current membership, and the purchase of the latest and greatest of medical equipment available on the market.

HCJ is extremely proud to be able to provide rapid high quality emergency services to our communities with over 200 members, including EMTs, paramedics, MDs, PAs, NPs, and psychologists, all highly trained respected members of our communities.


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  1. But, there is already world class ambulance services provided by toms river for our residents. Why have two? Makes no sense.

    • The “world class ambulance service” in Toms River has become a major campaign issue because of the long response time. Hatzalah response time is a fraction of that.


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