Hatzolah Inaugurates New Jackson Ambulance By Royal Grove Rav, Ribbon-Cutting By Councilwoman Kuhn [PHOTOS & VIDEOS]

Hatzolah of Central Jersey on Sunday evening inaugurated a brand new state-of-the-art ambulance in the Jackson area.

The celebratory L’chaim inauguration took place at the home of Rabbi Stroli Shlit”a, the Rov of Royal Grove.

The Rov spoke of the remarkable collaboration of all the communities together with the HCJ leadership to make this a reality. The Rov mentioned how fitting it is that the ambulance was donated in memory of Shloimy Cohen A”H, who was a tremendous askan in his own right and who was R”L taken from us at a young age.

On Friday 12/23 Jennifer Kuhn, the town of Jackson council member, cut the celbratory ribbon. Tonight’s event was also attended by Mordy Burnstein of the town council.

The new ambulance that went into service today will be the fourth ambulance serving the Jackson area. The ambulance, together with many new members within the Jackson areas that have recently been added to the HCJ membership roll, will iyh supplement the existing HCJ resources to keep up with the growth of the Jackson neighborhoods.

HCJ would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the communities of the East Veterans’ side of Jackson as well as Eli Hassan and Aryeh Miller for their devotion, dedication, and tireless work to make this ambulance a reality.

It is through their hard work that HCJ can continue to deliver their legendary high-quality basic and advanced life support services to the Jackson communities.

May the Ribono Shel Oilam grant them and their families Kol Tuv.

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  1. What a childish ceremony… I mean for real…??? Just park the bus and start using it… Taking an honorable Rav and making a joke of him. People of age 50+ still getting excited for some lights and sirens…

  2. You people don’t care about any but your selfs why even live here and change everything and line the pockets of others to make this all work u should be locked up


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