HATE IN JACKSON: Jewish Children Receive Chilling Death Threat While Riding Their Bikes

Two young Jewish boys, ages 5 and 6, received a chilling death threat from an older youth – who threatened to “kill them and their mom” –  while innocently riding their bikes in the Jackson 21 development. The boys, understandably shaken, fled the scene and recounted the horrific incident to their parents.

The parents, determined to address the situation, confronted the parents of the child who made the threats. Shockingly, they admitted that their child had indeed made such threats, and blamed it on the influx of Jewish families moving into the area.

This disturbing incident is not an isolated one; Jewish residents of Jackson 21 have reported numerous instances of harassment since the development began.

The root of the problem, according to residents, lies with investors who purchase homes as rentals, without properly vetting their tenants. These tenants often engage in disruptive behavior, including drug use and harassment of their neighbors. The thriving community is now plagued by a growing sense of unease and danger, and the noted problems have made it less attractive to prospective upstanding homeowners.

Residents are placing blame squarely on the investors who prioritize profits over people. “They are destroying this place for the sake of lining their own pockets,” one resident said.

Pressure is now mounting on the HOA to implement new rules requiring homebuyers to occupy their properties, rather than renting them out to potentially troublesome tenants.

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  1. This story is fake news. It was made up by someone who wants to put pressure on the goyishe developer from selling to investors.

      • Unlike what YWN and Lakewood alerts post It has been verified. I know the people involved. Obviously people aren’t happy that some investors are putting goyishe tenants for a few extras dollars who sometimes come with a few different families. They will regret their foolish actions because those goyim will be hard to get rid of when they want them out and will trash their house.

    • These people need to stop destroying neighborhoods and allowing for the regular people who have jobs and can prove income to move in and/or rent.
      What gives them the right to put in a few families in to 1 family house?
      This is the reason why they do it, because they can get a lot more rent this way from multiple tenants.
      These individuals are destroying many neighborhoods, this needs to stop. There are plenty of neighborhoods in the state of NJ if they want to be a landlord with tenants. Stop ruining nice neighborhoods and creating unnecessary hatred to Jews.

  2. This is not a fake story.
    Investors do this all the time
    By homes in desirable neighbors
    Load them up with illegals which many times are drug dealers
    Have loud parties till all hours of the night or just plain disturb and the neighbors become very negative rightfully so

    • What you are saying may be true but this actual story is not. I personally have visited this development several times and have not seen anything like this. On the contrary everyone seems very happy with their very peaceful neighbors.

  3. I believe this story. I personally know people who moved OUT of Jackson because of anti-Semitic harassment. And that was a number of years ago.

  4. Why is this label as a hate crime instead of a kid just being mean. So the kids mother really admitted saying because of the people moving in to the area. Being Jewish is a religion. Like catholic, baptist etc, the article should of stated with kids were threaten with no mention of their religion.. I think by pointing out their religion is adding fuel to the fire. Rather than being bully by a stupid kid. Where from the Article which is stating the two moms talked it out.

  5. True or not Jackson or Manchester this is a warning call to investors ruining the safety and quality of life of yidden so they can make a few extra bucks the gemareh says shamtinan and the rabbanim have given permission to post pictures in Shuls of all slumlord that rent a single family stuffing them with multiple families …. We are finishing collecting a nice group of pictures of these landlords…smile for the picture and say I love Money more than my fellow yid

    • And why are a 5&6 year old riding their bikes without a parent watching them? Are they already little adults or does the orthodox community not give a… about their kids, oh yeah they will just make another one. Must be why they leave them in locked cars in the summer, let them roam around cars untethered, or run them over in their driveway. Just saying…

      • The Jewish community does not supervise their children. Perhaps they have more children than they can care for. The Jews are running everyone else out of here.

        • Be careful of those who would turn your kids into ADRENOCHROME ! Worldwide, 8 million kids go missing every year, never to be seen again. The first thing Putin did when he first began his special operation to de-nazify the Ukraine and stop them from shelling the Russian Christians in the Donbas/Luhansk regions, was to destroy the labs being run by Zelensky and his cronies where they were slaughtering kidnapped kids, harvesting their organs, and spinning down their blood to get the very expensive ADRENOCHROME for the world elite.

        • I remember some years ago when some Israeli Fake JOOS were saying about the Palestinians….”I hope they don’t make us kill their children”. Remember that ? It was prophetic, or the plan all along since most analysts say that Oct. 7 was a false flag and most of the murders were done by the IDF under the Hannibal Directive. You should see the vid of Scott Ritter calling SatanYahoo out on that.

  6. Many times “investors ” buy a few homes at market value then intentionally rent to undesirable people including section 8 people. This starts a sell off panick that lowers the price of homed considerably. The government check for section 8 renters pays the mortgage…..20 years latter the slum created by the investors and paid for by the government is torn down and new expensive homes and condos are built. It’s a practice that can be seen along rt 70 and lakewood TR boarder….

  7. I got the video of what you delete, You Son Of A Kommie. Hahahaha ha ! I’ll post them so the world can see how UN-American you are !!


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