HaRav Yaakov Forschheimer Pens Letter Opposing Lakewood Cell Tower

HaRav Yaakov Forschheimer shlit”a, one of Lakewood’s foremost poskim for decades, has written a letter opposing the construction of a controversial cell tower planned for 6th and Clifton.

The tower, which has already been approved by the Lakewood Zoning Board, would sit atop the Eleanor Levovitz assisted living facility on the corner of Clifton Avenue and 6th Street.

Nearby residents have put up a fight against the proposed tower, saying it poses a significant health threat to them and their families.

In the letter, Rav Forschheimer writes: “Reliable information regarding the real risks of Radio Frequency Emissions was shown to me. This could c’v affect the health and wellbeing of the residents situated in the area, including many of my own talmidim, as well as numerous talmidei hayeshiva, and the community beyond.”

“Harav Betzalel Klein shlit”a, Satmar Dayan of Lakewood, and one of my talmidim have stated that they may have no choice but to relocate from their homes if c’v this antenna becomes a reality,” the posek continues.

“Therefore, I am hereby of the opinion that, considering the halacha of chamira sakanta me’isura, all involved parties should ensure that this proposed antenna does not become a reality.”

(See the full letter below)

The letter has reportedly been given to the Eleanor Levovitz building manager who is expected to forward it to the building’s owner.

Lakewood Alerts has also learned that residents of the area have been garnering signatures on a petition opposing the cell tower and are in the process of hiring a lawyer to appeal the resolution approving the cell tower’s construction.


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