HaRav Gershon Ribner: Do Everything You Can to Be at Tonight’s TAG Event [AUDIO]

HaRav Gershon Ribner, the maggid shiur famed for his illuminating Q&A series, was asked whether a yungerman should encourage his wife to attend the TAG event in Prudential Center Wednesday night, considering that it would be a stress to them both and would entail him missing seder.

Rav Ribner’s answer was clear.

“I hope everyone knows the answer to this,” he said. “Any chizuk in this area has ramifications l’doros olam, and there’s no amount of bitul torah [that overrides that].”

“This is the problem of klal yisroel today,” Rav Ribner continued. “And the reason the next dor is gonna flop is because their mothers are not inspired enough on this inyan.”

Listen to his full answer below.

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