Gov. Murphy Furious Over Illegal Immigrants Being Dropped Off In NJ

Governor Phil Murphy today sent a letter to several charter bus companies with connection to transporting recent migrants from Texas and/or Louisiana to transit sites in New Jersey.

Since December 31, 2023, dozens of charter buses transporting over 1,800 individuals who recently arrived in the United States have arrived at transit sites in New Jersey, with nearly all of the passengers continuing from those locations in New Jersey to their intended destinations in New York City.

Apparently, charter buses are transporting these individuals to New Jersey due to the operators’ unwillingness to transport their passengers to New York City according to the terms of the New York City Mayor’s Executive Order of December 27, 2023, which would limit drop-offs to certain times and locations.

“As we continue to see more migrants arrive to our state at the hands of the Governor of Texas, who is reportedly funding the passengers’ transportation with taxpayer funds, notice to New Jersey officials in advance of these individuals’ anticipated arrival is critical to ensuring the health and safety of passengers once they arrive in New Jersey,” said Governor Murphy.

“Additionally, because we know the vast majority of these individuals are intending to travel to New York City, this information will be shared with our colleagues across the Hudson to ensure the passengers’ health and safety there.”

In order to give New Jersey officials advance notice and time to properly prepare to assist these migrants, the Governor has asked for each bus company to give the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management at least 32 hours notice before their anticipated date and time of arrival and provide the following details:

  1. The total number of passengers on each bus who are expected to arrive in New Jersey.
  2. For the number provided in response to #1, specify:
    1. the number of single adults traveling alone;
    2. the number of passengers traveling as part of a family, including the number of families with children under 18;
    3. the number of children under 18; and
    4. the number of chaperones (other than family members) for otherwise unaccompanied minors.
  3. Each location in New Jersey where passengers will be dropped off, along with the estimated time of arrival.
  4. The time and city of the bus’s initial departure with its passengers.
  5. A description of the bus, including its license plate number, color, and any identifiable exterior features.
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