FRIGHTENING: Child Nearly Run Over By Bus In Jackson [VIDEO]

A harrowing incident took place on Hickory Hill Road in Jackson’s Harmony Farms neighborhood on Monday morning, when a child was nearly struck by a reckless bus driver.

Video obtained by Lakewood Alerts shows the bus moving at a high rate of speed as it approaches the child’s stop before coming to a halt. The child then begins crossing the street to board the bus, but the bus driver hits the gas again – right as the child is walking in front of the bus.

A woman can be heard on the video letting out a shout as the bus driver slams on the brakes to avoid running the child over.

Unfortunately, the bus company, HT, does not provide service through the LSTA. Therefore, contact with the bus company must be made directly. However, after numerous attempts to HT, the company has still not responded – more than 24 hours after the near-tragedy occurred.

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  1. blatant lie – did you verify with the Schools involved or are you going with the hearsay of a parent?

    In fact the bus company & the school have been in touch numerous times over the last 24 hours.

  2. I guess parents don’t accompany their children by bus stops. There to busy, too look out for their children. Cheval.

    • Actually the only reason the child did not get run over is because the parents were outside seeing their children onto the bus. The driver only stopped because of the screams (that you can hear on the video) of the parents. he did not see the child.

  3. Most people B”H have more than one child usually of many different ages and may not be able to accompany each child out to the bus.

  4. My personal experience with HT – a tragedy waiting to happen. Their drivers are Rodfim that drive erratically and dangerously. Even after speaking with the bosses and mangers there, they just brush off the issue and make fun of the callers. I wish all HT drivers get arrested and taken off the roads asap.


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