Fmr. Jackson Official And Perennial Candidate Falsely Stoking Animosity Against Jews

A former Jackson Board of Education and Zoning Board member is falsely stoking anti-Jewish hate on Facebook, blaming Orthodox Jewish residents for the cancellation of an after-school program for middle school and special needs students.

A social media user going by the pseudonym “John William” was quick to point an accusing finger at the Jews.

“Unfortunately, due to the budget crisis we are in and the amount of money being paid to families with non-public students for transportation and other items, this is just the beginning,” he wrote.

“You can’t run programs that aren’t required and create a financial loss. It’s sad and I’m sure much more will be cut in the future,” he added.

The poster’s name isn’t actually John William. Lakewood Alerts can confirm that his name is John Spalthoff, a former Jackson BOE and Zoning Board official. Spalthoff was appointed to the BOE in 2021 before losing the seat in the next election. He was then appointed to the Zoning Board, a position he resigned last year to engage in another failed run for a BOE seat.

He currently serves as Superintendent in Spring Lake, but he’s been reportedly eyeing a return to Jackson officialdom.

Spalthoff’s claim is patently false and demonstrates his lack of understanding – willful or not – of how the after-school program works. The program is self-funded; it does not receive funds from the BOE budget and is paid for by the parents of students signed up for the program.

Lakewood Alerts has confirmed with a current Jackson BOE member that the program was cut this year because not enough students were signed up for it, resulting in not enough funds to pay for teachers and a curriculum.

“This has nothing to do with budgetary concerns, and it has nothing to do with Jews,” the Board member told Lakewood Alerts.

But if you were wondering whether Spalthoff really blames the Jews for Jackson’s budgetary woes, just take a look at another of his social media posts.

“Just look to the east and look at how that school system was destroyed and is run by those who’s (sic) children do not attend the public schools. It’s a shame and an assault on public education,” Spalthoff wrote, clearly referencing the Lakewood School District.

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