Final Hearing in Rabbi Eisemann’s Motion for a Retrial Set for July 8

The final hearing in SCHI founder Rabbi Osher Eisemann’s motion for a retrial of his case following bombshell revelations proving his innocence, will take place on Friday, July 8th, before Judge Joseph Peone.

The court’s decision will be crucial; If the motion for a retrial is granted, the two guilty verdicts eked out by the prosecution in the original trial will be dismissed. The prosecution would still be able to seek a second trial on those two counts, but their chances of achieving victory would be slim.

For one, the individual who made the Quickbooks entry in question in Rabbi Eisemann’s case has now come forth and revealed that the SCHI founder had nothing to do with it and committed no crime.

Secondly, the original case was broad and complex, including a total of 9 charges. It isn’t a surprise that a skilled prosecution team could manage to get guilty verdicts on 2 out of 9 charges. However, a second trial would be limited to just these 2 charges, and as noted previously, the allegations stand on shaky ground, at best.

On the other hand, if the motion for a retrial is denied, the case would then move on to the sentencing face, with Rabbi Eisemann facing a sentence of up to 20 years in prison, r”l.

Please continue davening for the complete yeshua of Osher ben Chana Frumet.

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