FILLED WITH HATE: Lakewood Terrorist Said “It’s Going to Be a Bloodbath”, Jews are the “Real Devils”

Dion Marsh, the 27-year-old Manchester Township man who was arrested and charged for carrying out the heinous attacks on Orthodox Jews in Lakewood and Jackson last Friday, told police detectives that “it had to be done.”

Marsh was questioned following his late Friday night arrest after the Lakewood Police Department and Ocean County Sheriff’s Department were able to identify him, but his motives for the attacks just became a lot clearer.

“It’s going to be a bloodbath,” Marsh allegedly told a family member before the attacks, according to documents NJ Advance Media.

Marsh also told detectives that “these are the real devils.” When asked to whom he was referring, he responded, “the Hasidic Jews.”

The statements made by Marsh shed further light onto why the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office added bias intimidation – a hate crime – as a charge against Marsh, with Prosecutor Brad Billhimer saying until now simply that it was added following statements made by Marsh to detectives following his arrest.

More information has come to light as well about how authorities identified Marsh. According to Lakewood Police documents, a concerned citizen reached out after seeing a photo of the suspect, telling the police they believed it was Marsh.

The Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office then obtained a warrant to track Marsh’s cellphone.

When police came to arrest him in Manchester Township, Marsh was lying on a bed with “what appeared to be a machete on his chest,” the police document says.

Marsh told cops he was outside a Lakewood church looking for a ride when he decided to carjack a vehicle.

“Marsh then admitted that he used his grandmother’s vehicle, a maroon Honda…and traveled back to [Lakewood],” a detective wrote. At some point, he returned to the carjacked vehicle and continued his murderous spree.


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  1. What makes someone think that “Hasidic Jews are the devil” ? It’s the non stop venom coming from the online forums directed at our community. Words have power, in this instance, the power to attempt multiple murderers…

  2. I agree 100% this was directed caused by the non stop online hate and propaganda directed at our community. I think we need to post comments online that will counter the misinformation spread on our community


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