FASCINATING: New Local Business Selling Fish Shirayim from Rebbe’s Tischen

A local woman has begun selling keychains and necklaces with fish shirayim from various rebbe’s tischen, which buyers can then keep on them throughout the day.

The business’s proprietor told Lakewood Alerts that she got the idea for her business on a trip to Eretz Yisroel, when she managed to obtain some fish from the Toldos Aharon Rebbe’s tisch, put it in a necklace, and gave it to her friend who was extremely close to the rebbetzin.

“She was so touched by the gift that the idea popped into my head – there are surely many people who would want such an item,” she said.

“The idea of these necklaces and keychains is to carry around the ruach of the Rebbe with them all day,” she added. “It’s not being sold as a segulah or anything like that; it’s for people who want to feel connected to the Rebbe at all times.”

Currently, the business is selling necklaces ($50) and keychains ($40) with tisch fish inside them – and there are plans to expand. Its proprietor is also working on adding fish-filled cufflinks to its line of products, which she says she has received many requests for, and has now launched a website for its products – tishnecklaces.com

Thus far, fish she obtained from the Vizhnitz and Toldos Aharon tischen are sold out, but she has fish from the Skulen Rebbe of Lakewood available. She is working to procure shirayim from additional rebbes.

And no, there’s no need to worry about the smell. The proprietor told Lakewood Alerts that the fish is placed in resin before being applied to the necklace or keychain. This ensures that there is no smell, preserves the fish, and also hardens it so that it will not decay.

“There are a lot of people to whom this really means a lot,” she said. “For many, being able to carry around such an item really brightens their day.”


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  1. Skulene Rebbi fish shyeiem still available? While Vishnitz and Toldus are sold out? Not fair, it’s just not fair, and if anyone has a peshat on this unfortunate situation, please share your thoughts.

  2. Do they all come with a shtempel from the rebbe’s gabai, vouching for authenticity ?
    Just sayin
    Oh & is there a nafke minah if the Rebetzin herself cooked or baked ?
    When do the aleph aleph’s come out ? L’moshol was it just on the plate & the chasidim chapt shiriyim?
    Or, fish the Rebbe himsef gave to someone at the tish?
    If the Rebbe gave by Hand ?
    Fork & spoon?
    Humble me, my pronoun is ‘nobody’ offer my birchas hedyot
    All Yidden, Yiddines , yiddishe kinderbochurim, girls, should be gezunt & shtark and Shtark gezunt, with Yeshios, ribono shel olam, YEShuOys & heal Alle fardaygita & tzubrochina hertzer & prepare us with a taste of joy of the ut ut Geula

  3. No need for this silly idolatrousness. Wearing תפילין a couple minutes longer a day would help fill the spiritual void potential buyers are trying to fill. This way they can connect to G-D directly, and best of all – it’s free!


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