EXCLUSIVE LETTER: Self-Admitted Mentally Ill Convicted Felon Seeks to Reinstate Allegedly Anti-Semitic Toms River GOP Club

George Gilmore, a convicted felon who admitted being mentally ill and later used his political connections to avoid jail time, is seeking to decertify the existing Toms River Republican Club and reinstate his old club, which came under accusations of anti-Semitism for not allowing new members of the community to join.

The most influential members of the old club, Dan Roderick and Justin Lamb, are the only elected officials remaining from the old club. Infamously, the two ran a campaign that was deemed by many as overtly anti-Semitic, including sending out flyers depicting a prominent Toms River askan in an unflattering light (see article feature picture).

Now, in a letter sent to Ocean County GOP members exclusively obtained by Lakewood Alerts, Commissioner Ginny Haines, Assemblyman Greg McGuckin, Toms River Mayor Mo Hill, Sheriff Mike Mastronardy, Toms River Council President Matt Lotano and others, are urging members not to cave to Gilmore’s demands to decertify the new club and reinstate the old one.

During his trial in 2019, which resulted in his conviction, Gilmore had a psychiatrist testify that he suffers from mental illness. Some now wonder whether his psychological abnormalities are now playing a role in his attempts to consolidate control over Ocean County politics.

See the aforementioned exclusively obtained letter below.

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