Are “KGB Tactics” Being Instituted in New Jersey Schools?

Senator Ed Durr blasted the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) for urging teachers to submit reports about parents and community groups that have expressed concerns about school-related matters that involve their children.

“The NJEA is so afraid of parents that they’re resorting to KGB tactics to squash any effort in local communities to challenge the indoctrination of children in our schools,” said Durr. “If a parent or group of parents express concerns about curriculum, teaching materials, or age-inappropriate books in school libraries, the clear threat is that they’ll be reported to and attacked by the NJEA.”

The NJEA’s “Center for Honesty in Education” claims to combat disinformation, regressive policies, and dangerous rhetoric in school districts.

The center’s webpage includes a form to report “aggressive book banning, anti-inclusion activity, organized political groups, or any other problem you are facing.”

In return, the NJEA says it will provide the tools necessary to “discredit bad actors.”

“It’ll have a chilling effect on free speech, public debate, and parental involvement in education when parents know the NJEA is running a de facto intelligence agency that’s using hundreds of thousands of teachers to monitor and report what they say,” added Durr. “It’s more proof that the NJEA is willing to do just about anything to further its efforts to erode parental rights, destroy family values, and indoctrinate our children with progressive ideologies.”

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