Dozens Of College Students Inspired By Ohr Somayach Lakewood Shabbaton

Ohr Somayach is a kiruv organization that is completely based around limud haTorah. For this reason, a major aspect of Ohr Somayach’s incredible work with college students is based in the Ihr Hatorah of Lakewood.

This connection between Torah-based kiruv and the City of Torah was clearly felt during the recent Ohr Somayach 2024 Mentors Mission Shabbaton in Lakewood.

Approximately 75 college students from across North America and beyond got their first taste of life in Lakewood as part of the Shabbaton. The Shabbaton pairs college students – all of whom have very limited or no background in Yiddishkeit – with community members who open up the world of Torah to them and introduce them to the beauty of frum life.

It was a beautiful thing to see how all of the students chose to join the Shabbaton of their own free will, out of a desire to learn more about their Jewish heritage. Over the weekend, they were hosted by members of the Lakewood community – some of whom are Ohr Somayach success stories themselves – and connected with leading Rabbanim and inspirational speakers, as well as with lay leaders who introduced them to the dichotomy of leading a life of Torah and chessed within the business world.

At the conclusion of the Shabbaton, many students promised to use this inspiration to further their commitment to Yiddishkeit and to take this first taste of Torah life as a catalyst for much more future growth.

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  1. Can we please see this show of Ahavas yisroel to chasidim here in Lakewood. With permission of the rosh hayeshiva a chasidish group of bachurim came to learn in BMG one day and there were a few yungerleit who were very unwelcoming to them. Kirov kerovim is necessary as well to show ahavas yisroel.


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