Don’t Have a Costco Membership? It’ll Soon Cost You at the Pump

With gas prices now over $5 a gallon in New Jersey, almost everyone is looking for any way to get the cheapest price possible for fuel. One of the best options people have found is filling up their tanks at Costco. The wholesale retailer consistently has prices 20 cents or more cheaper per gallon than other gas stations.

But that’ll all be coming to an end soon – for non-Costco members, that is.

Costco announced that effective July 5th, only people with active Costco memberships will be allowed to buy gas at its 17 stations across New Jersey. The retailer has been allowing anyone – including those without memberships – to buy its gas since 2004, when New Jersey told the company that it can’t require membership to buy gas.

However, Costco now says that there is no law that stops them from requiring membership, and they will therefore begin requiring it after receiving complaints from members about long lines at their gas stations.

It isn’t yet clear if the state will attempt to block Costco’s move in court, or if there’s even a law that would make it illegal for Costco to prevent non-members from buying fuel for their vehicles.

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