Crucial Hearing in Rabbi Eisemann Case to Take Place Friday

On Friday, May 6th, a crucial hearing on the motion for a retrial in the case of SCHI founder Rabbi Osher Eisemann will take place before Judge Joseph Peone, who has recently been assigned to the case.

The oral arguments will focus on two main points of the motion: the discovery of new exculpatory evidence, and allegations that the prosecution violated the Brady Act by withholding key evidence from the defense and the jury.

If the judge agrees with the defense and the motion is granted, the two charges that each carry 10-year prison sentences will be dismissed. The prosecution will, however, have the option of bringing the two charges back for a new trial.

If the motion for a retrial is denied, the court will proceed to resentence Rabbi Eisemann. In the first sentencing, prosecutors said the judge went too light on him and successfully appealed.

Friday’s hearing is one of the most crucial moments of this case. Please daven for Osher ben Chana Frumet.


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