Congressional Candidate Denies He Was High When Charged with DUI

The campaign for Ian Smith, the gym-owner-turned-Congressional-candidate who was recently ticketed for driving under the influence, says he wasn’t actually high when pulled over by Cinnaminson police.

Smith’s campaign has asked for police to release the bodycam footage which they say would show that he was clearly not under the influence at the time.

“Being charged with an offense and actually committing an offense are two entirely different thing. Ian Smith was not driving drunk. Ian Smith is innocent,” Smith campaign consultant Steve Kush said in a statement. “Bodycam footage will show Ian passing a field sobriety test. The Cinnaminson police department should immediately release the bodycam footage to every news outlet immediately.”

Kush went on to suggest that Smith was pulled over because of his vocal opposition to Governor Murphy’s Covid-19 edicts, which he openly defied in early 2020, earning him national attention.

“The Governor obviously hates him! Establishment politicians don’t want him. Andy Kim and the Democrats continuously send emails using Ian’s name to raise money. The cufflinks and cologne faction of the Republican Party don’t want him and have gone so far as to warn fellow Republicans to stay away from Ian until after the primary,” Kush said.

Kush went on to note that while it could seem suspicious that Smith refused a breathalyzer test, it was because he “has a distrust of government in New Jersey after being persecuted by the Governor and government agencies for two years.”

Smith’s primary opponent, Bob Healey, apparently thinks that he was drinking that night, with Healey campaign manager Theresa Furmato Velardi writing on Twitter that police and the restaurant where he had allegedly been drinking that night should release all the footage they have of him.

If Smith were indeed under the influence that night, it wouldn’t be his first DUI. In 2000, a 20-year-old Smith got up after a night of drinking, got into his car and went to work. On the way, he blew past a stop sign, striking and killing 19-year-old Kevin Ade.¬†Smith pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide and was sentenced to 5.5 years in prison.

When the incident was brought up in 2020 after he gained national attention, Smith said that he had “no idea” there was still alcohol in his system from the night before.

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  1. How can he deny it after publicly degraded him after always using their their brains when writing against others who may be in power one day?
    We all that know Lakewoodalerts is not like other sites. Lakewoodalerts never writes opinions about politicians or people in power. Lakewood alerts always uses their brains.


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