Confusion After Crunch Time in Lakewood Receives New Hashgacha

Crunch Time, a popular fleishig eatery in Lakewood, switched hashgachos last week, but social media posts lacking context has caused a lot of confusion – and a massive headache for the store’s owner.

Social media posts have been flying around showing a notice from the KCL that Crunch Time “is no longer under KCL supervision.” The posts are accurate but lack crucial context: Crunch Time last week switched hashgachos, from KCL to Vaad Kashrus Mehadrin, another reputable hashgacha.

Vaad Kashrus Mehadrin provides hashgacha to many other establishments, including Greenwald Caterers, Lake Terrace, the Bushkill Inn & Conference Center, and Zami Caterers, according to its website.

When posting about an establishment no longer being under a certain hashgacha, please be mindful of inquiring whether a new hashgacha is in place before implying that the store is no longer under any hashgacha, which could literally destroy a legitimately kosher business.

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  1. What KCL wrote is a Hashgocha’s standard verbiage. It means either we found problems or, and usually, it is a way to punish a business for taking its business away. All is fair in war! The hashgocha business is just that, a profit making business. If it is a non profit that is because after paying inflated salaries there is no profit left!

  2. From my experience every responsible Hashgacha puts out a notice when their Hashgacha is removed from an establishment. KCL did the responsible thing.
    The food establishment should have announced that their under new Hashgacha and publicize which Hashgacha. If they failed to do so they can’t blame ‘confusion’ on anyone other than themselves.


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