Coast Guard Calls Off Search after Man Goes Overboard Off New Jersey Coast

The Coast Guard called off a search for a man believed to have gone overboard from a cargo ship in Delaware Bay, with officials saying it is highly unlikely he could still be alive.

The U.S. Coast Guard searched the waters of Delaware Bay off New Jersey’s southern tip for about four hours on Saturday after receiving a report of a man overboard from a Singapore-flagged container ship, named the Weco Josephine, which had recently departed from Philadelphia.

Coast Guard crews in a response boat from Philadelphia and a helicopter from Atlantic City covered 87 square miles during their search, but with water temperatures at 50 degrees, officials said after they called off the search that it was highly unlikely the missing man was still alive.

The Coast Guard said the missing crew member was described to them as a 30-year-old Asian male. He had last been seen on the ship between 5:12 am and 6:30 am Saturday morning, and was reported missing at around 7 am.


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