Children In West Gate Set Dumpster On Fire – Again [PHOTOS & VIDEOS]

In what has become a common occurrence in the inner-city neighborhood of West Gate, youths have lit a dumpster on fire, forcing firefighters to waste their time and resources in putting it out.

The latest fire was started shortly after 5 pm on Wednesday.

Dozens of dumpster fires have been set in West Gate in recent months, with authorities promising to crack down on the youths responsible for them.

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  1. You are no better then the NY Times reporting on frum jews and how they portray them. Why would a frum site call West Gate the inner city?

  2. The new Alerts website in Lakewood has really shown itself to be a shmutzedige rag. It’s owned by yeshivaworld and he’s written many nasty articles and threats about good people in town. But that’s to be expected from YWN. Nobody half-decent ever looks at that garbage site. Since he can’t compete on content, he stoops to bashmutzing and the like. He should just stay in his inner-city of Brooklyn, then to stoke machloikes in our ihr hatorah.


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