CHEMED Facility Manager Shimmy Weiss Appointed To Lakewood Planning Board

The manager of CHEMED’s new River Avenue location on Lakewood’s south side was sworn-in on Tuesday night as a member of the Lakewood Planning Board.

Weiss, a relatively recent arrival from Brooklyn, was approached about a month ago by Deputy Mayor Menashe Miller to serve on the Board, and following deliberations, he accepted the position.

“I’m always willing to help the community, and that’s why I took this position, despite the challenges it poses,” Weiss told Lakewood Alerts.

He notes that he moved to Lakewood in the first place to be of assistance to others, specifically by becoming the manager for CHEMED’s River Avenue location.

Weiss succeeds Shlomo Pichey, who resigned from the Planning Board due to time constraints.

Shimmy was featured in a video tour of CHEMED’s new facility, posted earlier this year by Lakewood Alerts.

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  1. Wow. Menashe couldn’t ask someone who lived in Lakewood for at least 10 or 20 years which understands what our town is about and how it operates? Why did he specifically choose a young individual who just moved to town from Brooklyn?

    • So he can control him. We need to clean house and get new people in positions of power. These people have held these same positions for years.


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