Historic Maamad Honoring BMG Yungeleit Moved to Larger Venue

Due to overwhelming demand for tickets for the highly anticipated Adirei HaTorah event in honor of the yungeleit of Beth Medrash Govoha, a larger venue has been procured for the maamad, which will now be held at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The newly reserved 20,000-seat arena is double the size of the Cure Arena in Trenton, where the asifa was first slated to take place. Within days of making tickets available, the original arena was sold out and a larger venue was needed.

The date of the event remains the same: Sunday, June 12.

Interest in participating in this unprecedented maamad continues to pour in from communities of bnei Torah across the country and beyond, from the Olam Hayeshivos, to Chassidishe communities, to machzikei Torah and others who realize that this event is going to be something extraordinary.

Due to the unique opportunity to experience kavod haTorah at the event, there have been numerous requests for tickets for children, which was not a possibility at the smaller arena. Now, however, tickets for children – 12 and older, accompanied by an adult – will be made available at $100 apiece. Adult tickets remain at $50 apiece, with a suggested donation of $360.

If you have not yet reserved, stay tuned for information on how to purchase tickets for the new venue and reach out to your shul representatives. If you already purchased tickets for the Cure Arena, you need not do anything; your ticket has been reserved for the Wells Fargo Arena.

Tickets for this men-and-boys-only event are available to the general public, no matter where one resides, so don’t delay.

On June 12, be sure to be there, proclaiming in unison that our yungeleit are our heroes for choosing a life of pure Torah learning.

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  1. B”H Starting to sound like Dirshu.
    Just make sure that L’chovod Hatorah V;L:omdehah there is great great music.


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