Breaking News: US to Offer Evacuation Assistance for its Citizens in Israel | Chaim V’Chessed

Chaim V’Chessed reports that efforts of Jewish organizations to assist Americans stranded in Israel have seemingly borne fruit. In recent moments, the US state Department contacted US citizens abroad with a surprising message:

In the coming days, the Department of State will be assisting with transportation of US citizens seeking to exit Israel. These options will include air and sea travel. Citizens will be not be transported to the USA. Rather, they will be deposited at various locations, presumably in Europe. They will need to make their own way home from there.

Messages announcing this scheme were sent to those citizens who had registered with the State Department, as recommended by Chaim V’Chessed on Monday. Those receiving the emails are instructed to reply to the message if they are interested in participating.

Chaim V’Chessed has learned that details of this plan will be finalized in the coming hours and days.

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  1. Glad that Chaim V’chessed is helping out. However, I believe as many do that this plan to deposit American citizens somewhere in Europe or wherever and then they have to make their own way home from there is the most hideous option. These citizens had a way home which got cancelled not by choice.. so bring them back home all the way rather than make them.go through non ending trouble till they see themselves safely home. It just makes zero sense what’s going on.


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