BREAKING: Lawsuit Attempting To Block Jackson Schools Land Swap Thrown Out By Judge

A judge issued a ruling on Friday that confirmed the legality of a land swap agreement made between Jackson Township and developer Mordy Eichorn, which preserved land on Leesville Road on which schools were slated to be built, giving Eichorn in exchange a parcel of land near Cross Street where he could erect the schools.

After the land swap deal was reached, a group of residents hired land use attorney Jan Meyer to sue on their behalf, who then submitted a ridiculous argument that the new location for the schools somehow discriminates against their “Jewish neighborhood.”

They also argued that the lands exchanged were not equally in value, as required by law – an assertion denied by the Jackson Township Council.

The lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice – essentially meaning they had no legal grounds to sue – by Judge Valter Must on Friday, allowing the land swap agreement to continue as planned.

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  1. Oh, just great! Antiquated Cross Street is already a horror story, so even more buses and cars is just what it needs…right? Yup…those who fear that Jackson is on its way to becoming just as traffic congested as Lakewood obviously have what to be concerned about. Too bad more sane thought didn’t go into making this decision. Oh well…c’est la vie.


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