Several Injured When Car Slams Into ShopRite In Manchester [VIDEO]

A car slammed into the front of the ShopRite location in Manchester on Friday, damaging the store and causing several injuries.

Emergency personnel responded to the scene of the accident on Friday afternoon close to Shabbos.

Authorities later said that several people suffered minor injuries in the accident, with the patients transported to Community Medical Center in stable condition.

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  1. I hear boom and then the sound of glass shattering, omg scared the heck out of me. People in awww stun, people running away and toward the accident I then heard omg omg, holy shit, holy shit, what the f…. and then everyone is call for help, is anyone hurt, I just stood there shaking my head a lot of angels are here because I didn’t see any one realy hurt it was a miracle. Thank God


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