BMG to Have Seder Limud Tonight L’Zchus Ukrainian Jews, Followed by Purim Mesiba

Beth Medrash Govoha will hold a seder limud this evening for the zchus of Jews stranded in Ukraine prior to the yeshiva’s annual Purim mesiba, which is returning after being canceled last year due to Covid.

The seder limud will take place in the Bais Yitzchok and Bais Shalom batei medrashim from 9:30 pm until 10:45 pm. The seder will then be followed by the mesiba at 10:45 pm in the Bais Aharon bais medrash, and is expected to last deep into the night.

As in previous years, the mesiba will be held with the hishtatfus of the BMG roshei yeshiva, and will be regaled with the lyrical accompaniment of R’ Abish Brodt and his sons. The mesiba is expected to draw several thousand people.

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