BMG Roshei Yeshiva And Dozens of Lakewood Mechanchim Strongly Discourage Use of 24Six Platform

Lakewood’s leading Mechanchim, Roshei Hamosdos and Menahlim, representing dozens of yeshivas around town, have written and signed a joint letter sent to all Mosdos strongly discouraging their talmidim from using the 24Six streaming platform. Sources tell Lakewood Alerts that the letter was sent to them on Sunday and that each yeshiva administration will make their own decision whether to send the letter to their parent body. The letter was undersigned by the Lakewood Roshei Yeshiva.

In the letter, which stopped short of outright calling for a ban, the mechanchim assert that “there is no written daas torah backing” the advertised claim that 24Six is a “completely kosher entertainment option.”

“Unfortunately, this device has several issues that should cause grave concern to parents in our mosdos,” they write. “Of particular concern is the fact that use of this device brings with it exposure to music and videos with content that often runs contrary to the values and ruach with which we bring up our children.”

“Furthermore,” the letter continues, “even if all of the contents on this device would meet our standards, it would still be detrimental to healthy spiritual and emotional growth, as by nature it is a device that promotes constant distractions and an overdose of entertainment. This alone can affect our children/talmidim significantly in and out of the classroom.”

They add that a device which can download content from the internet should “never be considered safe in the hands of a child” and that any new innovation requires the completel participation of an adam gadol or daas torah; otherwise “we are opening up an anarchist approach towards what is or isn’t acceptable in KlalYisroel.

The letter follows a mass kol koreh from nearly all chasidish mosdos across the United States and Canada, which was published on Lakewood Alerts.

Yeshiva K’tana elementary school sent a robocall to all parents in their Yeshiva warning them against providing the 24Six streaming device to children. You can hear that robocall here on Lakewood Alerts.

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  1. This was obviously going to happen. The makers of this device have no clue how seriously our rabbonim and gedolim take our mesorah and taharas hachinuch of tinokos shel beis rabon. Even if something seems “kosher”, it may not be so kosher after all.
    “Constant distractions and an overdose of entertainment”, SO TRUE. Plus, many music videos made nowadays, are not things you want Torahdika kids to be glued to all day.

    • They have a customizable filter option specifically put there for the parents or pertinent organizations to utilize. Everything is available unless you activate that non circumventable feature.

    • i very much agree to this it’s sad that the dor annot agree to this and make tons of problems making fun of gedolim. One OF THE BIGGEST AVEIROS IN THE TORAH

  2. 24six will be kosher when it removes podcasts who idolize libs of tiktok. Why do we need our children listening to this trash? What about the chovivei torah graduates interviewed on a podcast that was on 24six? What about the LGBTQ trash interviewed on yet ANOTHER podcast on 24six?

    “Kosher” for reshoyim maybe. Not my children. Keep your filth in your own neighborhood. Dont come into my home.

  3. Ya I know cause you rather want your kids have access to Netflix Hulu Disney and everything else that they watch finally some kosher thing comes out take that away also then we ask why

        • The pharmacy also has a kids section.

          All jokes aside, maybe you for you it may not be a problem, but for someone who is careful to protect their children from the influence of the secualr world, which bombards our youth with immoral, and anti Torah values, no kid’s movies or T.V. shows are kosher. Period.

    • “SAD” you are 100% right. Sadly. Anyone commenting on this choshuva toiradicka website who thinks their kids aren’t also on line JUST LIKE THEY ARE are in la-la land. Ban everything, will there be 1 frum kid left in Lakewood 20 years from now?

  4. People should know that there was a second letter put out with the same signatures against meat boards, someone stole the signatures to make letzonis of the 1st letter against the 24Six, people should know this because as soon I saw the letter against meat boards I said that this hole thing is a game, until I spoke to a few rabanim who signed and all told me the 2nd letter is fake, and the person that did sure better get mechila before it’s too late!!! Ashrecha to the our rabanim, rabbaim,menahalim… for standing up for the right thing, especially in such a dor where everyone says, nAaa it’s better then… which is not true, we don’t compromise in yidishkeit!!

    • Chalila! The meat boards ban is real. 24six ban is the fake. Meat boards are being machriv lakewood Mamish. 24six however will bring moshiach.

  5. Also Lakewood Alerts. Lakewood Alerts also strongly discourages 24 six. Because in this dor Lakewood Alerts is daas torah.

  6. This is heartbreaking.

    I was born and raised in Lakewood and the askanim who wrote and pushed this letter have metaphorical blood on their hands. 24Six is what we have all been dreaming of. Anyone who is honest knows that Apple Music, Spotify, Neflix etc. are rampant in Lakewood and beyond. 24Six is the answer to all of this. It gives our kids a kosher and safe outlet to access frum content. Since when are we terrified to allow parents to parent? Limit their screen time or their access level if you see fit. But a [poorly written] missive condemning this great contribution to our tzibur as something other than that is the self-proclaimed elites telling us we should not be able to parent our children.

    Did anyone who signed this letter meet with anyone from 24Six to actually understand the technology, the product, what it offers and what changes could easily be made? I ask rhetorically – I am not new here.

    There are chashuv people behind 24Six, including well-respected rabbonim. Yet the people who wrote this letter and managed to assemble signatures, seem to care more about making noise and taking unrealistic stands at the expense of our children and the parnassah of frum yidden, than they do about yashrus, menshlackeit and what is really in the best interest of the tzibur. The olam hatorah desperately needs 24Six or something like it. Or, of course, our children can continue to access music on other, less desirable platforms and we can continue to kid ourselves that it is not happening.

    This letter is a chilul hashem. The people who managed to convince the Roshei Yeshiva to sign it are spiritual rodfim. Every child who logs onto Spotify instead of 24Six will be on their cheshbon.

    And, in closing, I encourage all to see Rashi on Chulin, Daf 53b, Divrei Haaschil Asrei d’Shmuel. V’hameivin yavin.

    • “There are chashuv people behind 24Six, including well-respected rabbonim”

      Why is it a secret? They claim Rabbi Yaakov Bender is their Rov. Meanwhile, I personally called him and he vehemently denied being their rov and does not give a Hechsher on this whatsoever. So cut the pack of lies and tell the people behind this to get with the program. You shove an ad into every single home in every single publication on the globe (English, Yiddish etc) and claim this is “KOSHER”, yet fail to produce a SINGLE “Rav Hamchshir”. Whi said this is “Kosher”? Some rich investor (happens to be a nice fellow) from Flatbush or his partner (who is also nice fellow)?

      24six will be kosher when it removes podcasts who idolize libs of tiktok. Why do we need our children listening to this trash? What about the chovivei torah graduates interviewed on a podcast that was on 24six? What about the LGBTQ trash interviewed on yet ANOTHER podcast on 24six?

      “Kosher” for reshoyim maybe. Not my children.

      No Rav Hamachsir gave a Hechsher for this trash. And stop whitewashing this. There are terrible problems with this device.

      • Some of these podcasts are shocking. One guy has his list of inspirational people he met last year in 2022. It was posted on ywn. Jared kushner and turx are his inspiration. Not one rov. Not one gadol. What a joke. And your point about another podcast having the lady from libsoftiktok is outragous. Do i have a problem with this podcast? No. It’;s a free country and he can imnterview anyone he wants. But dont stream that on a “kosher” platform. It’s not kosher.

      • One of the amazing features of 24six is that it allows you to block any style, artist or podcast you want. That means you don’t have to let your kids listen to anything you feel is below your values.

    • There is no rov behind this. Wanna know how I know? Because no rov has been named. Dont give me the “he is scared to say his name but they have a list of 97 and a half rabbonim”. And besides, meheycha taisa the alleged rov (there is non, don’t worry) who is allegedly (he is not – because there is none) behind 24six has the same hashkafos as these mechanchim?

      Why can’t the rebel rousers in the 5 towns stay there, and stop shoving their warped version of chinuch in our faces. We dont tell you how to live, please dont tell us how to live.

      These people wouldn’t even begin to comprehend who these roshei hamosdos are, and what they represent. You can keep YU. We will take Reb Aharon.

      • The sinas chinom is crazy how can you sit here and pretend like you know what’s right and wrong when your hating on other Jews this is what cause the destruction of the 2nd bais hamikdosh

  7. I very much agree to this it’s sad that the dor cannot agree to this and make tons of problems making fun of gedolim. One OF THE BIGGEST AVEIROS IN THE TORAH

  8. Thank you rabbonim for always caring for the next generation and guiding us through the chinuch of our children in this difficult era of technology challah.

    The issue that comes to mind is that if we don’t provide some sort of entertainment the children are going to go by themselves and r”l get hold of technology we don’t even know about. I’ve seen many many children of parents that didn’t allow any sort of device into their home, and without the parents knowledge obtained devices which so far below the parents standards, but the parents were powerless due to their unawareness of the issue.

    So I feel it’s approiate that a device like this, which parents can select what fits their standards, would and should be an alternative for entertainment for kids instead any of these other devices r”l.

    That’s what I feel.

  9. please note that everything is against the device,not the app.
    far those that are using other apps(spotify,apple music,etc.) this is l’kulay alma much better

  10. Is there some similar forum which fulfills the need to be in touch with the news but also provides a healthy dose of inspiration to yiras Shamayim and hasmadas HaTorah. That would seem to be a worthy thing to do.


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