BMG Receives Unanimous Planning Board Approval for 6 Apartment Buildings on Georgian Court Property

Following its purchase agreement of 36 acres from Georgian Court University-owned land this past March, Beth Medrash Govoha has now received approval of its plans for the property from the Lakewood Township Planning Board.

The yeshiva wants to build 6 apartment buildings with 100 apartments in each structure, along with playgrounds in front of each building, as well as a separate structure that will serve as a childcare center.

The apartment buildings combined will provide nearly 1,200 parking spaces, including 90 that will be able to charge electric vehicles. The childcare center will have 99 parking spaces, as per the submitted plans.

The project will be built just beyond GCU’s main gate on 9th Street.

The plans also call for Carey Street to be extended westward and Cedarview Street to be extended southward until the two meet.

As far as the apartments themselves are concerned, they will only be rented out to talmidim of the yeshiva, which would be the only individuals allowed to rent them per Lakewood Township’s Planned Educational Campus ordinance, without which the structures wouldn’t be able to be built without a variance.

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  1. Per the application documents, there will also be banquet halls with a capacity of 530 guests in the basement of the child care center

  2. What a crack of leftist garbage! Who needs the electric charging stations? They don’t even have 500 electric cars in Lakewood! Stop the nonsense.

    Do any of these leftist wacko’s no how electricity is made? Or do they have their head so deeply embedded someplace that they can’t think?


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