BELIEVE IT OR NOT: New Jersey Has the 5th Best Drivers in the Nation

You would probably never guess this driving through crowded Lakewood, but New Jersey drivers are actually among the best in the nation, according to an analysis from insurance comparison website Insurify.

The company put together a ranking of drivers in all 50 states based on 4.6 million insurance applications and one particular data point, that being drivers with clean records. A “clean” driving record is one in which there are no at-fault accidents, speeding, failure to stop, DUIs, passing violations, and other citations for illegal driving over the past seven years.

Overall, New Jersey drivers came out as the 5th best in all of the United States. Drive down Route 9 on any given day and you’ll probably swear that the analysis is wrong, but hey, the numbers don’t lie, right?

“A little over 86% of drivers in New Jersey have a clean driving record. That’s the fifth best rate in the nation and several percentage points better than the national average,” Insurify researchers said.

The state with the best drivers, according to the analysis anyway, was Michigan, followed in order by Nevada, Connecticut, and New York. The state with the worst drivers? That award goes to Ohio.

So, the next time you’re driving around town and think the drivers are terrible you can safely tell yourself that it’s just in your head. But it’s probably for the best to keep your eyes peeled on the road.



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  1. No way this includes Lkwd! Lkwd has the WORST drivers! Flip phones being held to the ear while driving is rampant. Constant chillul Hashems not to mention dangerous.


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