BARUCH DAYAN HA’EMES: BMG Mashgiach HaRav Mattisyahu Salomon ZT”L [LEVAYA DETAILS]

It is with deep pain and regret that Lakewood Alerts informs you of the petirah of Harav Mattisyahu Salomon zt”l, a giant of mussar, chinuch, and Torah, whose words and wisdom inspired tens of thousands throughout his life.

Hatzolah paramedics rushed to Rav Mattisyahu’s home on Tuesday night when he suffered a cardiac arrest. Despite Hatzolah’s valiant efforts, the venerated mashgiach returned his Neshama a short time later. He was 86 years old.

Rav Mattisyahu zt”l was born in Gateshead, England, to R’ Yaakov and Ettel and went to yeshivah k’tana in London. He learned for 16 years in yeshiva and Kollel with Rabbi Chaim Kaufman, who went on to found the Gateshead Yeshiva L’Zeirim. He also studied under Rav Elyah Lopian zt”l, the former rosh yeshiva of Etz Chaim Yeshiva for less than a year. Nevertheless, Rav Mattisyahu zt”l considered Reb Elya to be his main rebbe.

Rav Mattisyahu was initially named mashgiach at Gateshead Yeshiva under Rav Moshe Schwab zt”l before becoming senior mashgiach. He served thousands of talmidim in the yeshiva for more than 30 years.

In 1998, following the petirah of BMG mashgiach Rav Nosson Wachtfogel zt”l, Rav Mattisyahu was asked to succeed him in the position. He accepted it, and moved along with his family to Lakewood, settling in a home on the block of Beth Medrash Govoha.

In the quarter century since he became mashgiach in BMG, Rav Mattisyahu inspired an untold number of people. A famed master of chinuch and hashkafa, his advice and guidance was sought by tens of thousands across the globe. Numerous seforim based on his shmuessen have also been published, with topics ranging from Yamim Noraim and Moadim to Hashkafa, Mussar, and much more.

The levaya is scheduled to take place at 12 PM on Wednesday in Beth Medrash Govoha, with tens of thousands expected to be in attendance. Kevurah will take place in Eretz Yisroel.

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