Assistance with Back Rent Payment Available for Lakewood Residents

Solutions to End Poverty Soon (STEPS), 14 South Clifton Avenue, Lakewood, N.J., announced that relief is now available to Lakewood residents who are currently facing eviction or removal from their homes.

Lakewood Township recently received a grant through the American Rescue Plan-Emergency Rent Assistant Program that may cover up to three months of back rent for eligible residents.

Michael McNeil, executive director of STEPS, said, “STEPS has been serving the community by paying back rent throughout the pandemic. This is a great opportunity to help more residents avoid being evicted. STEPS is committed to advocating for individuals and families, ensuring them basic necessities to enhance their quality of life.

“Every day our office receives inquires for support. Our team of intake specialists – Housing Navigators, Certified Housing Counselors, and our Hispanic/Latino Bilingual Community Services Coordinator – is available to assist any Lakewood resident who may have experienced hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic and are on the verge of losing their current housing.

“STEPS also has our Community Resources Center (CRC) available to those who may not have the technology to maneuver through the process of getting needed assistance.

“Mayor Ray Coles, Deputy Mayor Menashe Miller, the Township Committee, the Municipal Manager Patrick Donnelly, Township Clerk Lauren Kirkman, and Community Development Block Grant Coordinator Ervin Oross are to be applauded for this funding as a result of their hard work and concern for the residents in this community, and making sure STEPS is able to do our job assisting, keeping people housed, and mediating in eviction court with landlords and tenants.

“STEPS’ ambition is to accomplish and assist people in our community and continue working to make sure everyone has a safe place to call home.”

For more information, contact STEPS at 732-367-1640 or email Visit

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