Assemblyman Kean Urges Gov. Murphy To Enter License Reciprocity Agreement With Israel

In an effort to eliminate administrative hurdles and foster stronger international ties, Assemblyman Sean T. Kean has asked Governor Phil Murphy to consider a driver’s license reciprocity agreement with Israel. This request follows the Governor establishing similar agreements with South Korea and Taiwan as part of the Choose New Jersey East Asia economic mission.

Under such an agreement, Israeli citizens living in New Jersey, and New Jersey residents living in Israel, could convert their driver’s licenses without undergoing the traditional application process. This would eliminate red tape and would equally benefit drivers in New Jersey and Israel, simplifying the process for obtaining a driver’s license and smoothing the transition when moving between the two countries.

“This arrangement eliminates administrative hurdles, fosters stronger international ties, and enhances the quality of life for residents in both regions,” wrote Assemblyman Sean Kean.

Kean continued, “Israel, like South Korea and Taiwan, is a key partner with whom New Jersey maintains strong economic and diplomatic ties. Further, many New Jersey residents have family and friends in Israel.”

Assemblyman Kean wrote a letter to Governor Murphy on January 25 asking that he consider such an agreement with Israel. That letter is attached.

The driver’s license reciprocity was implemented through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (NJMVC) and both the National Police Agency of the Republic of Korea and the Taiwan Ministry of Transportation and Communications.

See the letter Kean sent to Murphy below.

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  1. What they fail to say is this will allow Israel to trace those who fail to pay summonses received while in Israel to go after their them being they have access to your NJ license info


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