AGAIN: Construction Shuts Down Busy Lakewood Street During Morning Rush Hour

Despite numerous assurances from Lakewood Township that road work will not be taking place during the busy morning hours, thousands of residents have seen the opposite reality with their own eyes.

Another instance of crippling road work being scheduled for the busy morning rush hour occurred Monday morning, when crews shut down Washington Avenue – a key thoroughfare connecting Pine and Spruce near Bais Kaila.

The roads, already packed with traffic, came to a veritable standstill as drivers searched for alternative ways to reach their destinations.


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  1. If I was in charge in this town I would tell this construction company that they are never getting another permit in this town. Ever. Period. That’ll do the trick

  2. The politician committee men don’t care. It’s become obvious that they just learned to talk the talk, but they don’t actually follow through on any of their promises. The smart-alecky ones don’t even bother promising anything anymore, because sadly they’ll get reelected anyways by those that aren’t paying attention.

  3. Absolutely insane. The whole pine st/Marc drive area is a freaking mess. I’m crazy delayed here now still at 3 PM! What are you even thinking, Lakewood Township?!?!


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