Adirei Hatorah Event Honoring BMG Yungeleit Sold Out, Larger Venue Being Explored

Thanks to an outpouring of support and interest, the highly anticipated Adirei HaTorah event in honor of the yungeleit of Beth Medrash Govoha is sold out. The event is slated to be held on Sunday, June 12, at the 10,000-seat Cure Arena in Trenton.

Because of the number of additional people who also wish to participate in this unprecedented maamad of kevod Shomayim and kavod haTorah, the organizers are exploring the possibility of procuring a significantly larger venue – also in the tri-state area – to host the event. Stay tuned.

Bechasdei Hashem, interest in this event has come from communities of bnei Torah across the country and beyond, from the Olam Hayeshivos, to Chassidishe enclaves, to machzikei Torah and others who do not want to miss this historic gathering.

In order to gauge the number of additional seats that will be needed, if you have not yet purchased a ticket, please text the word “Ticket” to 848.289.1233 and follow the prompts to be placed on the waiting list.

Those who reserve will be contacted as soon as seats become available.

On June 12th, be sure to be there, proclaiming in unison that our yungeleit are our heroes for choosing a life of pure Torah learning.

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